Don't miss your chance to collect Red Pegasus talent card!
Dear players! Grand recharge event is coming to Dragon Knight world: recharge since September 14th to September 17th and get a chance to win the unique rewards! Only now you can won mighty Red Pegasus talent card! Don't miss your chance! How to join: recharge $19.99, $49.99 or $99.99 pack. The more balens you will buy, the higher reward you will able to win! Prizes: mount "Fire and Ice" for $19.99 (5 prizes), random red astral for $49.99 with full 11 level gems kit (5 prizes), red Pegasus talent card (5 prizes). Each prize will be sent to random player from all player which completed joining condition. Also, a special prize will get player which recharge more than other players: powerful gems, fashion set and astrals. But which same artifacts will collect this player? You will know it after event finishing ;) Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 14.09.2018
Autumnal Miracles are awaiting!
Today is first autumnal day and Day of Knowledge simultaneously. There's a new season of the year which we proposing to meet with Dragon Knight in the new activity — «Autumnal Miracles» and get more balens free! To join «Autumnal Miracles», just recharge any balens pack from September 2nd to September 4th and your recharge will be doubled (corresponding balens amount will be sent to you after activity finish) Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 01.09.2018
Try your luck at Carnival 2018!
Dear players, we're glad to announce the absolutely new recharge activity — «Carnival 2018» is coming in Dragon Knight! How to join: just recharge $9,99 pack since August 7th until August 10th 23:59:59 and get a chance to win 20 fashion souls! Rewards: 20 fashion souls (5 prizes) and 10 fashion souls (3 prizes) Are you think that you really lucky? Join our great recharge activity and win the wonderful reward! The more $9,99 packs you will buy, the more chance to win you have. Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 07.08.2018
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