Get your fashion only now!
Are you dreaming about the new fashion and wings to look like to an unique hero? During this week, from 23rd to 31st July, you can to obtain desired appearance! [How to join the event?] Now you can buy 5 fashion sets: Fire and Ice, Honey Love, Moonrise, Skeleton, Divine (weapon, armor, hat and wings). Price of each set's part (weapon, armor, hat) is 4500 balens, wings price is 8000 balens. To join the event, please write in our Facebook group's messages ( or at customer service by writing email to You should to have corresponding balens amount on the character. In the letter you should write your nickname, server and character's ID (right mouse click on the game screen and choose the "copenId"), once we will receive your letter, we will work under your request. This unique event is available only until 31th July, so find time to join it! Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 23.07.2018
Catch your talent card among Exclusive Artifacts!
Powerful Lords of Dragons! Today, 10.07.2018, in Dragon Knight begins absolutely new event in which you'll can get Orange and Purple talent cards and reach invincibility. It will last only during the week, until 15.07.2018, so make haste! Exclusive Artifacts is here and now is time for Orange talent cards and Purple talent cards, so you can buy any card which you want! What's price for different talent cards? 1. Orange talent cards — 17300 balens (except Orange Orion talent card, price for it is 34600 balens) 2. Purple talent cards — 6500 balens (except Purple Orion talent card, price for it is 17300 balens) How you can do it? 1. Open your mailbox and write email to the, or send request in the customer service from page (having chosen point "Other issue") 2. Write your nickname, server, character's ID (click right mouse on the game screen, choose "copenId" and paste this value in the letter), desired item and value 3. Once we will receive your letter, our technical staff will deduct balens from your account and send talent cards which you asked us Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 10.07.2018
Unique recharge event is here!
Dragon tamers! At 27.06.2018 is beginning absolutely new recharge event — 3 days recharge target with cool rewards like to orange talents cards, rare fashion and wings, goddess keys, tonnes of resources and more another! To receive a chance to win an unique rewards, just recharge at 27.06.2018, 28.06.2018, 29.06.2018. If from all servers recharge will reach next sums, we will choose lucky recharges according to their recharge and send rewards. Target for 27.06.2018 — 80 000 balens recharge Target for 28.06.2018 — 90 000 balens recharge Target for 29.06.2018 — 100 000 balens recharge Now we're keeping the rewards in secret, but we ready to say that there is really cool fashion with wings, too much resources, Pisces goddess key and some which very need for any player. It's time to join this event! Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 26.06.2018
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